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The New Social Networking vs. America Online

January 12, 2010

In the course of my adventures on the internet, I have met many wonderful people.  Some Great, and some that are so full of shit, theirs eyes are brown.  Suddenly, I am reminded on America Online.  AOL was the shit in it’s heyday.  you could find anything and everything on AOL. Sadly, it bit off more than it could chew by trying to purchase Time Warner.  It seemed like a match made in Heaven, but the deal eventually ended up in hell.  The internet may have changed, but the people have not, and recently, I have found myself in deep conversations with people I have met.  You know, I’m a very trusting soul, and while that might seem like a good trait, it is also a weakness that many on the internet seem to prey upon. And prey they did with me….  So here I sit, in front of a computer screen, airing my problems to the world, when actually, I am the only audience that needs to read this, because , and I’m only assuming, no one else has gone through this. I know I cannot be unique in this feeling, but at this time of night,  that’s exactly how I think and feel.

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