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Was it Something I said?

February 4, 2010

Normally I am a fan of technology, to include advances in modern medicine, but recently through personal experience, I have encountered a good argument to pursue more traditional remedies. With all the paranoia regarding the worlds most recent epidemic, The Swine Flu or as it is also known, H1N1, I felt it necessary to get vaccinated against it once it became available in my area. I’ve watched in fascination all the news reports in regards to the safety of the new H1N1 vaccination, to include all of the hysteria and conspiracy theorist saying that H1N1 was actually part of more sinister government plot. I laughed and generally panned my Facebook friends who even suggested that the vaccination was not safe, as well as derided any Fox News story that suggested the same. After a few weeks of waiting, the day had arrived. I had a scheduled appointment with V.A. medical, and when they offered me the chance to get the shots for H1N1, I jumped at the chance. I actually received 2 shots that day, 1 was the H1N1 vaccine, the other was the regular Flu vaccine. I got the shots, and finished my doctor’s appointment, and all went well….or so I thought. Later that evening, I began to feel like crap. I wasn’t concerned though, because I had heard many times that the old school Flu vaccine would often make you have a light case of a cold. As the hours passed slowly, I began to realize…that this was no cold. My left arm where I got one of the shots in, hurt and even showed signs of swelling, not to mention I was having a little difficulty walking, and these symptoms have not subsided since the day of my doctors appointment, until today. To be fair, I cannot prove that my symptoms were caused by the vaccinations, or some other allergic reaction that coincidentally occurred in the very same time frame of my injection. What I can say is this. Gone are my preconceived notions that every advance in medicine is completely safe, and I can’t help but wonder….Was it Something I said.

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