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Forget The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, The United States biggest threat to the security of our nation, is just a few hours away at the US/Mexico Border

March 28, 2010

It is amazing, that we are spending Billions to fight a war on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet virtually ignore the growing and greatest security threat to our nation, the violence and illegal immigration at the US/Mexico border.

This area may seem far away to many of my friends, but since I live in West Texas, I am literally talking about my back yard. I was astounded to learn recently that 90% of the terrorist that have been found and captured on US soil, had entered our country illegally through the US/Mexico Border. It is our porous border with Mexico that is fast becoming “The Killing Field” of the northern hemisphere, if not the world.

More people are kidnapped or killed a week in Mexico or on our border with Mexico, than are killed and/or kidnapped weekly in Iraq and Afghanistan combined! The killings have escalated for three main reasons down there.

1.) Loss of Drug and Illegal Immigration Routes
2.) Rival Gangs fighting for territorial rights.
3.) United States consumption of illegal drugs

However, the major impetus for illegal immigration to the United States is no longer just to find employment, but to escape the prolific drug violence that has virtually held Mexico, our nearest neighbor, hostage. It has become a modern day “Exodus”, and can no longer be ignored or marginalized.

Despite many reports and the astronomical cost, the “Virtual Fence” and other border measures, have actually made quite a difference in drying up traditional drug and illegal immigration routes, because these trails are one in the same!

If you can get people through undetected, you surely can get drugs through, not to mention, supplies for terrorism. Sad to say, the most effective way to solve this issue, may be the most unattractive….Legalization. I know ( I can here the screams right now) but I’m not talking about everything, and I am actually not a fan of legalization, but realistically, if certain Drugs were legalized, taxed, and regulated, it would change the fundamental nature of this illegal industry. No more need for mules(drug couriers), etc. Territorial violence for Drug sale Areas and illegal immigration would diminish greatly or even disappear, and we immediately take a huge chunk of illegal immigration off the table. Law Enforcement can then focus on the “real” terrorist threat to America.

Now here is the upside.

If the industry is regulated similar to the Tobacco and Alcohol industries, we not only will see a substantial and useful up-tick in taxable income and goods, we inadvertently encourage a new cottage or small business industry, similar to the medical marijuana industry in California, but on a much larger scale. Legalization would spark the economies of both the United States, and Mexico, but most important of all, legalization would not significantly effect the people who are already using drugs illegally other than to de-criminalize it’s use and possession.

Looking back through history, we can see that Prohibition in the United States, did not stop alcoholism, it just sent it underground, much in the same way that the “War on Drugs” has not stopped illegal use and addiction to drugs. The “War on Drugs” has served only to fill our prisons with non-violent” drug offenders, while much more violent criminals are released earlier than their complete sentence, merely because our prisons are overcrowded with “non-violent” offenders.

It is time for our country to reevaluate our position and policies.

America is a great nation, but only because we are willing to do things that other countries dare not to do. We must find non-traditional avenues to combat non-traditional problems. In the end, it will be our Innovation and not our Subjugation that will win the war on drugs.

“Cease Fire!”

(Disclaimer – ok I’m not much of a Glenn Beck Fan, but he is spot on in regards to this!)

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