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Can Modern Technology Be the Answer to Our Border Security Problems in Arizona? …..Simply Put….Yes! (Updated)

June 16, 2010

by Richard Emanuel Jr. (“Reclaim America from the Lunatic Fringe” ,The Diary of a Lost Soul” and “The 1000 year old Man“)

Imagine my surprise when today I awoke to a Headline on Fox News saying “Obama Gives Back Major Strip of Arizona to Mexico

Of Course, I knew this had to be preposterous, especially since I’m not a Big Fan of Fox News, but in effect and much to my dismay, the article was actually true…..somewhat. No, President Barack Obama hasn’t signed a secret treaty with Mexico relinquishing territory back to our neighboring country, but… Back in October 2006, and under the G.W. Bush administration(43)… The United States began placing warning signs on Federal Land within the Southern part of Pinal County, Arizona in and around the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. The warning posted by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service states the following…

10-6-2006 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
“The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has closed a portion of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge south of the Garcia Road to public use, under authority found in 8 RM 13.5 and 50 CFR 25.21(e) effective October 3, 2006. Garcia Road runs east/west parallel to the international boundary about one mile north of the line. This area is about 3500 acres in size. Our concern for public safety is paramount.

The situation in this zone has reached a point where continued public use of the area is not prudent. The Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge has been adversely affected by border-related activities. The international border with Mexico has also become increasingly violent.

Assaults on law enforcement officers and violence against migrants have escalated. Violence on the Refuge associated with smugglers and border bandits has been well documented. Many of these activities are concentrated at, or near, the border. The concentration of illegal activity, surveillance and law enforcement interdictions make these zones dangerous.
Closure is in effect until further notice.
Mitch Ellis
Buenos Aires NWR
Refuge Manager”

Although President Barack Obama was not directly involved in the closure, and the information Fox News is utilizing is more than 3 years old and from the Bush Administration, it still begs the question, “How can this happen in the United States of America? And what can we do to stop the violence along our borders with Mexico?” Racial profiling is definitely NOT the Answer, and never will be, and the solution to this complex problem is far beyond simply saying He or She “Looks-Like” an illegal alien. So how do we protect our borders effectively and humanely? The answer lies in technology. The United States has technology which paired with the the existing border security infrastructure, can consistently prevent border crossings in a non-lethal manner. This Technology is called , “The Active Denial System, or ADS”

Here’s the History Channel expose’ on the technology…

CBS News 60 minutes has also reported on the technology….

There is a way to secure our border with Mexico, safely and effectively. The Active Denial System in concert with other technologies can be part of that solution. No one deserves to be assaulted or even killed because they are trying to enter the United States illegally, or as a victim of an individual or group who has already entered our country illegally. Racism isn’t the Answer either, and legislation is of little use if it’s never enforced… but technology can provide the means of solving this issue once and for all. Why not use the technological tools we already have at our disposal?

If you want to know more about this technology…. you can find information regarding The Active Denial System at the following link

Full PDF copy of the Fish and Wildlife Service announcement is available here:

After receiving a few comments regarding my original post in this matter, I felt the need to clarify misleading elements within my article….. Thanks to James McPherson for the constructive comments which lead to the revision of this article.

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  1. James McPherson permalink
    June 16, 2010 5:38 PM

    Unfortunately, this IS another example of Fox News deception. Fox dug up a public document that was more than three years old (from when GW Bush was president and John McCain opposed a border fence), copied-and-pasted a direct quote lifted from the document as if someone at Fox had actually spoken to the source quoted, and then quoted McCain’s favorite sheriff from a non-border county throughout the “story”? (

    • June 19, 2010 12:57 PM

      Thank You for Your comments on this Article. I have clarified the information from Fox News, and updated this blog post.
      I am however curious as to why the issue ever was Fox, and not the use of technology in enforcing border security, which was the main point of this post…..That is the issue we must all confront.

  2. James McPherson permalink
    June 19, 2010 4:17 PM

    “I am however curious as to why the issue ever was Fox,..”

    Simply because of how you had started out the post, and your original version seemed to suggest that Fox had it right.

    As for the very complicated issue of border security, I think that if we really wanted to stop illegal immigration, the easiest way to do so would be to jail and/or heavily fine those who employ them, rather than asking police to play “spot the illegal.” And maybe we should legalize drugs, since so much of the border insecurity stems from the drug trade.

    Of course I’m equally confident that legislators won’t ever do either of these, in part because some of their biggest donors are those (corporate farms, the construction industry, etc.) who benefit most from the cheap labor offered by immigrants.

    And a lot of Americans would start screaming if the price of food, hotels, etc. dramatically increased because of the loss of that labor. Just think about the whining when our gas hit $4 per gallon–making it still about the cheapest in the Western world.

    Sadly it’s much easier, even if much less effective, for legislators to demonize migrants and to pretend that we can keep out the things that so many of us apparently think we can’t live without. Thanks.

  3. June 19, 2010 12:54 PM

    Thank You for Your comments on this Article. I have clarified the information from Fox News, and updated this blog post.
    I am however curious as to why the issue ever was Fox, and not the use of technology in enforcing border security, which was the main point of this post…..That is the issue we must all confront.


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