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Why We should Thank Andrew Breitbart….really.

July 22, 2010

by Richard O. Emanuel Jr. (Reclaim America From the Lunatic Fringe, The Diary of a Lost Soul, The 1000 year Old Man)

Andrew Breitbart says he’s sympathetic to Shirley Sherrod’s Plight now.

But the “Real” truth is… Mr. Breitbart has been backtracking, side-stepping, and attempting to re-define the issue, the drama, and global media circus of his own creation…

I guess he thought he would be hailed as a “Hero”, for coming to the defense of America’s Tea Party Movement, when he [in his own mind] discovered “evidence of racism” at a NAACP function.

“Those Hypocrites!” He must have said to himself as he jumped for joy realizing that this supposed “evidence”, was also on video. It didn’t matter that the video didn’t support his assertions, [hey, news outlets edit video all the time… nothing new], a little creative editing, a snappy tag-line, and SHAZAM! Instant Blockbuster News Story. Andrew Brietbart was on the verge of becoming a “Media Darling”. It mattered little that his over-zealousness could cost a good woman her job, not to mention, deceive millions of Americans in the process. This could be his defining moment… and it was.

Breitbart’s News Story about Shirley Sherrod’s NAACP speech and it’s “outward display of racism”, took off like a rocket, causing the NAACP, news outlets, politicians, and anyone else in the way, to scramble for cover. Each organization rushed to condemn Sherrod’s speech, and if this story had followed the normal course of things, Shirley Sherrod’s long career at the USDA, would be all but over with…and it almost was.

If there ever was a case made for a “High Tech Lynching” this was it.

However, the one variable in this all too familiar equation was Shirley Sherrod, and she proved to be a most formidable opponent, to everyone’s surprise. She didn’t run and hide or even duck for cover. She actually did what few assailed with an oncoming media onslaught fail to do… She stood up and defended herself.

To their credit, CNN did what other news outlets dismissed, they verified Sherrod’s story and aided in her defense. Suddenly, Breitbart’s story unraveled right before his eyes, once the real truth was revealed. Just as quickly as the NAACP, Politician’s and others rush to condemn Shirley Sherrod, they recanted, apologized, and struggled to save face. Shirley Sherrod, received apologies not only from the USDA and The Obama Administration, but today(07/22/2010), finally from The President of the United States of America himself…and hopefully, this is not the end of this story of redemption for this extraordinary woman.

Whatever you think Andrew Breitbart’s motives were, take solace in knowing that they were not achieved. He is no conquering hero, and has truly exposed himself for what he is… [and I’ll leave that for your imagination]. However, I honestly think we should Thank Andrew Breitbart. Not for doing such “stellar” research and reporting, or trying to bamboozle the American Public, but for showing us once and for all, that we as American’s are a population made ill with tabloid news. We’re not happy unless there are clear heroes and villains in every news story, manufactured or not, and we have become so cynical and lazy, that ethics in reporting and verification of a news story, matters little. In the age of Text-Messaging and Twitter, we want the news quick, and then we want to be told what to think about it, hence the popularity of The Fox News Channel, [a masterful blend of loosely verified news accounts steeped with opinion programming].

If we are to take anything from this weeks events surrounding Shirley Sherrod and Andrew Brietbart, it should be that we cannot become lazy in our belief and practice of ethics, for as we do, we not only compromise the truth, but ourselves as well… Thank You Andrew Breitbart, but you’re still an #$@*%!!!

By The Way…
Thank You Shirley Sherrod….You ARE a GREAT AMERICAN!
Here’s her speak in it’s entirety in case you missed it!

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