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WANTED: Football Fanatic Seeking a New NFL Franchise to root for, Dallas Cowboys need not apply!

October 31, 2010

I’m a avid  NFL Football Fan…  at least I was.

You see, it’s like this.

The majority of my life I have adored the Dallas Cowboy franchise.

You know, “America’s Team“.

By all accounts in the sports media and various other places,  2010 was to be The Cowboy’s year.  A New Stadium, A Great Team, A Good Draft, and it seemed that all the stars aligned for Dallas to reach the Super Bowl, and actually play on their own field in doing so.  But Right Now, The Most Talented Team in Football, “America’s Team” is sitting at 1 and 6.  They are under-performing, and have no answer for the problems that are plaguing them. I as well as many other “Die Hard” Cowboy Fans are trying to hang in there, and be supportive, but you obviously can’t help a team, that won’t help themselves.

Fans Long for the days of Jimmy Jonhson, Troy Aikman, and Emmitt Smith.

An Open Letter to Jerry Jones:

Dear Jerry,

As Fans of The Dallas Cowboys,  We have battled off the ney-sayers to no avail.  We know that we have the most talented team in the NFL,but with a 1 and 6 record, we really feel like President Obama after 2 day Tea Party, bruised, drunk, and mad!

My Only Question for you is…..


Staying The Course, Is Not An Option!




Struggling Cowboy Fan

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