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Perry making early splash at major GOP gathering (via CNN Political Ticker)

June 18, 2011

America! Wake Up! don’t be fooled again! Remember, Texas gave us George W. Bush, do we really need another backward-assed country fuck as President? I’m just saying…. and I’m a Texan!

New Orleans, Louisiana (CNN) — Rick Perry doesn't speak for a few hours here at the Republican Leadership Conference, but the longtime governor from neighboring Texas, who's flirting with a bid for the GOP presidential nomination, is already getting positive reviews from this partisan crowd. As Perry arrived Saturday morning for a book signing, the crowd of at least 100 people briefly chanted "run Rick, run." His book, entitled “Fed Up,” was rel … Read More

via CNN Political Ticker

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  1. winghunter permalink
    June 18, 2011 1:42 PM

    Perry doesn’t stand a chance. Why you ask?

    ■ In 1984, Perry was elected to the TX House of Representatives as a DEMOCRAT!

    ■ In 1988, Perry supported AL GORE in the Democrat primaries and was chairman of the Gore campaign in Texas!!

    NO ONE smarter than a RINO will vote for a once chairman of a Gore campaign.

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