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September 26, 2011

Bullets from Blake

Rick Perry was superman. He was the knight in Shining Armor. He was the best candidate.

That was 2 weeks ago, today he is none of those things. Today, Rick Perry’s campaign is on a ventilator. So what happened! Why did this man, who came in with a firestorm, fall off of his game?

  1. His debate performances. Rick Perry makes George W Bush look like an intellectual English professor. Republicans are looking for a Presidential Candidate in the line of Reagan. Reagan was the great communicator, who even though he was not the best debater, he had GREAT debate moments. Rick Perry will need an out of body experience for this to happen to him.
  2. His stance on the Texas Dream Act. Rick Perry has repeatedly stated that he stands behind the plan that allows the children of illegal immigrants to attend Texas universities at an in-state tuition rate. In…

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