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“Live from The Planet Pepperonium….. It’s Herman Cain!”

October 9, 2011

gty herman cain dm 111006 wblog Who Is Herman Cain?

At first glance, Herman Cain sounds like a normal guy, that is, until he opens his mouth.  I have to wonder at times why he says some of the outrageous things he does, and this week  was no exception.  Everything  from expressing to the #Occupy Wall Street protesters that if the weren’t rich, they should blame themselves, to calling the same group “Un-American” and “Jealous” just because they were protesting against financial institutions.  That really doesn’t sound like a man that grew up in a working class family in the 50’s and 60’s, but it does sound like a man who has forgotten where he came from.  Mind you, success can do that to a person.  It can make you feel like you’re something that you’re not, it can make you ignore the very people and things that got you to that level, and sadly, one never realizes the maliciousness of their own actions until it is too late….  It brings to mind the old adage, “When You Think You’re looking good… You’re Really Looking bad”

Here are some of Herman Cain’s most recent Greatest hits…





Now that you are about to scream, I’ll just let you know, I’m sure there is more to come…. so stay tuned… this idiocy is to be continued


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