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The Roach, The Roach, The Roach is on the Wall! : AirTrans sued over nasty plane

November 14, 2011

A couple has sued AirTran claiming their flight had cockroaches crawling out of vents and storage areas, reports WCNC-TV. The incident occurred, they say, on a flight from Charlotte, N.C., to Houston that had a stop-over in Atlanta. They took photos of what they say are roaches crawling from various areas of the plane and included them as exhibits in the lawsuit.

Harry Marsh, a lawyer, and his fiancé Kaitlin Rush allege negligence and recklessness, intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance, fraud, false imprisonment and unfair and deceptive trade practices stemming from their flight on September 15, reports Charlotte’s WCNC-TV. The couple said seeing the cockroaches made them sick as they flew to a wedding in Houston, and that they had to throw some belongings away over fear the bugs got into their luggage. In addition, Rush is now afraid to fly, they say.

The couples allege in the lawsuit flight attendants were too busy to investigate the problem or believe the problem existed.

Marsh and Rush are suing for $100,000 and the cost of their tickets

AirTran said it can’t comment on the pending litigation, but did deny several allegations in the case filing, WCNC reported.

AirTran said its planes are regularly professionally treated for bug


Atlanta Business Chronicle by Carla Caldwell, Morning Call Editor

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