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John Kasich, former Fox News host and current Ohio governor paid by Koch Brothers to commence Fracking

November 30, 2011

Many believe natural gas is the future for America and many claim by expanding in the natural gas industry we can lessen or dependence on foreign oil. The process known as fracking isn’t as safe as it seems. People who live in fracking areas have had their water supplies poisoned due to the harsh process. Now Ohio Governor John Kasich is allowing fracking in state parks this after the Koch brothers gave hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign. Mike Ludwig, a reporter for Truthout, helps us connect the dots on how the Koch brothers are linked to fracking in Ohio.

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  1. November 30, 2011 11:09 PM

    thanx for referencing my piece about the Kochs – The Ballad of the Koch Brothers or: A Line of This Koch Can Kill Ya. i really appreciate it and will check u out as well. continue…


  1. Study Claims Fracking Helps Economy | SNS Post

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