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I always feel like Somebody’s Watching Me” – The WikiLeaks Spy Files –

December 4, 2011

We are living in a global totalitarian state, according to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Speaking at the launch of a major new Wikileaks investigation, Assange said western companies are selling equipment to governments around the world so that they can spy on their own people.

In a modern world dominated by technology many of us will make our phone calls or surf the net through our I Phones or Blackberrys. And if we want to check our e-mails we might log onto gmail. But according to new research, spies may be watching our every move. And Blackberry, the I Phone and gmail are particularly susceptible to those who wish to track our movements and what we’re doing.

Wikileaks says that initially the global surveillance industry sold western intelligence agencies equipment to enable them to track people via the internet or mobile phones.

Then they started to sell them, at enormous profit, to dictatorial Middle East regimes such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. According to Wikileaks, this was done with the knowledge of western governments and directly led to a clamp down on freedom of speech and to human rights abuses.

But what can ordinary people who don’t like to be spied upon do about it? Well, not much according to Julian Assange, other than to expose the global surveillance industry in the media and to push for its regulation.


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