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The Future of African Americans depends on Responsibility

January 2, 2012

The African America community is facing one of the most difficult times in it’s history, but not because of any one thing.  There are a multitude of issues to address, but the question is where do we being?

We’ve laid out this whole issue in terms of the struggles that people actually go through when it comes to not having a father in a home. We’ve talked about what it means when you have a husband who is not handling his business when it — when it comes to domestic violence, the impact on the wife, the impact on the children, the impact on future relationships. But the most important thing that I think we have to confront is that what we are describing today: 70 percent of kids being born out of wedlock, fewer African-Americans getting married; you have a higher number of Black women who are going to college versus Black men who are in college, and they’re saying, “Who am I going to marry later?” — all of this is absolutely preventable. But it’s not going to start in the White House. It’s not going to start in governors’ mansions. It’s not going to start with the county government or the city council. It’s actually going to start exactly where we are. – Roland Martin

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  1. January 2, 2012 1:34 PM

    It sounds to me that Roland is doing a lot of frivolous preaching about things of which we already have concluded problematic. It is exhausting when self aggrandized black leaders embellish themselves and their mythological granduer istead of espousing truth corrective philosophy. Put on your work boots and get to work is insufficieint strategy to fix a propblem that was engineered when the first Portugees enslavers brought the first slaves to the pope in 1411 wherein he called them a souless people. He then went on to say that a people that are soulless need to be redeemed by being enslaved by the benevolent missionaries of Christianity. The fusion of religion and government has held the evolution of our humanity captive until now, therefore, we need to combat these forces with equally entrenched philosophically strategic liberation. We cant break the curse with words, we can only break it by rediscovering our cultural roots and implementing the way of living our ancestors employed when they were earth’s royalty.

  2. January 2, 2012 2:09 PM

    I don’t mean to be critical but one thing that would make a huge difference is to check your work. Make sure you are using the right word for the right thing. Make sure you are using good grammar. Speak in a way that gives a person dignity. I know about this because I was raised in the country and spoke like it. I had to learn a proper way to speak in the work world.
    The same rules apply for us “white” folks as for any African American. The popular idea that you automatically make it because you’re white is such an ignorant and wrong judgement. We have very few differences when it comes down to it. Most of us have to “know” the right people in order to be able to make it to any degree of wealth in this country.
    Trying to come together would be the ultimate accomplishment. By coming together I mean having no one notice someone else’s color, just because it doesn’t matter anymore. You can be proud of your heritage without espousing racism. I’m proud of mine, even though there were some horrible people along the line. That has no bearing on me.
    I am a child of the Most High God and He has given me many brothers and sisters of all kinds. That is my source of knowledge when it comes to solving these issues.

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