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The WTF? Moment of The Day! – Papa John’s Receipt Calls Customer “Lady Chinky Eyes,” Third Graders Get Inappropriate Math Problems About Slaves

January 8, 2012

A woman by the name of Minhee Cho picked up Twitter traction yesterday by tweeting, “Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn’t ‘lady chinky eyes'” along with a picture of her receipt from Papa John’s, which did indeed show her named as “lady chinky eyes.”

And in Georgia, parents are outraged over controversial math homework assigned to their third graders, with questions such as, “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in 1 week?”

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  1. January 8, 2012 10:18 PM

    What is WRONG with people that they think that it is even CLOSE to OK to act in this manner? I was raised in a household with a Appalachian Father and I was even taught that this crap was WRONG.


  1. Papa Johns in Hot Water Over Racial Slur on Receipt | SNS Post

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