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We got it wrong…. Joe Paterno DID contact the police about Jerry Sandusky

February 16, 2012


I was pretty hard on Joe Paterno, furious in fact about the whole Jerry Sandusky situation.  How could a man stand by and let another man systematically victimize so many children.  But some facts have come to the surface that has forced me to re-think some of what has happened.

Thomas L. Day writes in The Post Game……..

Read these words carefully: Joe Paterno, in March of 2002, after being told by a graduate assistant coach that he had witnessed longtime defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky allegedly raping a young boy in the football team’s facility the night before, notified the police. In fact, Paterno discussed what he learned with the man, Gary Schultz, who had administrative control of the Penn State police.

The point people are missing is that the Penn State police are different than most campus police forces. They are a real police force. They carry guns. They aren’t rent-a-cops. They have jurisdiction over the campus, which includes the Penn State football offices.

In 1953, Penn State President Milton Eisenhower (brother of Dwight D.) changed the name of the campus to “University Park,” and created a separate unincorporated community within the campus. When Paterno notified Schultz of what he had been told, he was notifying an appropriate authority.

If Paterno’s intention was to conceal the allegations against Sandusky from authorities, why on earth would he discuss the matter with Schultz? What motivation would Paterno have for discussing the matter with Schultz — otherwise a completely irrelevant figure in this matter — apart than involving the police?

Read more of This story here

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  1. givesgoodemail permalink
    February 16, 2012 12:40 PM

    To say “well, I reported it to the proper authorities” and then allow it to continue to happen makes Joe Paterno just as culpable as Jerry Sandusky.

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