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Why is Country Singer Miranda Lambert using Social Media to Bash R&B Artist Chris Brown? (Updated)

February 18, 2012

Miranda Lambert has launched a Twitter war with Chris Brown

We all know R&B Superstar Chris Brown‘s History. He plead guilty to assaulting his then girlfriend  Rhiana, another R&B Sensation.  He paid his dues (legally at least), she forgave him, they patched things up and they tried to put the embarrassing matter behind them.   Domestic Violence is not a laughing matter, and I personally don’t believe there is ANY occasion that a spouse or significant other should assault his or her partner.  My question is this, why should Country Star Miranda Lambert continue to rant about this incident that A.) Has already been litigated and disposed of by the authorities and B.) the 2 party’s involved, namely Chris Brown and Rhianna, have already moved past it, patched things up and are reportedly dating again.  Not to mention, Miranda Lambert doesnt make the situation any better by exclaim from the stage at a recent concert,  “That’s Why Daddy taught me early in life how to use a shotgun!” referring to the Chris Brown altercation with Rhianna.

Elvis Presley facing assault charges October 19, 1959

Really? More violence to respond to domestic violence? Listen,  I’m a fan of both Country Music and R and B, but lets not be hypocritical here Miranda.  If you truly are against Domestic violence and/or assault, let’s boycott every artist that has been in an altercation with their partner.  Sounds like a plan huh? Until you realize that gone would be Rodney Atkins, Elvis, David Allan Coe, Merle Haggard, and these are just the ones I remember from the top of my head, don’t make me hit up Google.  My point is this, as much as I love Miranda Lambert, her Music, and all Country Music, Her rants in concert and on Social media about Chris Brown are selective and revisionist.  Miranda’s rants may be well intentioned, but if she wants to critique Chris Brown regarding domestic violence, she  must also bring up the artists that she knows and loves as well, that have done similar if not worse things.

Country Music, Love, Betrayal, and Violence

Country Music tells a story, and from my earliest memories of the genre, when my Dad DeeJayed at 2 local country stations KPEP and KTEO in San Angelo Texas way back in the 70’s (which was a feat in itself because he is African American), I remember songs about heartache, violence and betrayal.

Throughout it’s history Country Music has chronicled peoples experiences with love and domestic violence.   Martina McBride‘s Independence Day, Garth Brook Thunder Rolls, even Miranda Lamberts’s own Gunpowder and Lead tell the stories of love, betrayal and violence. The Dixie Chicks even released a song called Goodbye Earl where the abused hatches a plan with her best friend to kill her abuser Earl.

Dixie Chicks Goodbye Earl

But we cannot expect Domestic Violence to end as long as it is continually glamorized in song or other entertainment media. If anything is to be learned from all of this, it is that we must break the cycle of violence.  Tit for tat is not a solution for this tragic malady of violence that people face in some relationships. An abuser must be confronted and he or she must face the consequences of their own actions both legally and socially,but, there must also be a path to redemption.

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  1. February 18, 2012 4:48 PM

    I think it largely is about people failing to acknowledge the severity of what happened.

    There are stupid twits claiming they’d let brown hit them.

    I don’t recall anyone ever saying David Allan Coe could abuse them.

    • February 19, 2012 6:36 PM

      Thank You for Your Response!
      Yeah I saw the other day that there were some foolish girls that said they’d let Chris Brown hit them… it takes all kinds…lol

  2. February 19, 2012 3:49 AM

    I believe Chris Brown should be forgiven, on a personal level, because he admitted guilt and is serving probation. I think he should be left alone on the street and not bashed on twitter.

    BUT, I believe his career should be over. He should no longer be allowed to be a public figure, as he ALMOST KILLED Rihanna. Let’s not forget that he head-locked her between his chest and bicep, blocking her arteries and airways and she began to lose consciousness. Let’s not forget that the only reason he stopped BEATING her (yes beating, not just 1 or 2 hits but a full on attack) is because she got free and started screaming for help and he fleed. Who know’s how much worse he would have beat her. Would it take him killing her for us to see how unforgivable this behavior is?

    Also, if he had seem fully apologetic, volunteering time for women’s rights, donating money to battered women’s shelters, and acting reformed, then maybe he should be forgiven more easily. The fact is that he hasn’t. He has been acting immature, and like someone that needs anger management.

    Rihanna herself can forgive him if she would like, because it happened to her, and because holding on to a grudge can keep one from moving on and growing. So I am glad she is moving past it: but we shouldn’t. The Grammy board shouldn’t. They did the right thing by not allowing Chris to perform for a couple years, but they showed bad judgement on letting him perform at the Grammys just 3 years after Rihanna could not attend the same show because she was hospitalized, bruised, with swollen eyes, lesions, bitemarks, and a a split lip.

    Rihanna may “forgive” him (taking into account that she may be doing it for show, or for publicity, to be edgy, etc) but she is just one young girl who can make mistakes. An entire professional team like the Grammy board should not, and neither should we. We need to not send a bad message to young girls. Not a message that says “he can hit you and it will be forgiven shortly”.

    We have a bigger responsibility than Rihanna herself has, to make a good example. You can name as many artists as you like, Rodney Atkins, Elvis, David Allan Coe, Merle Haggard, etc. And we don’t know the full details of their altercations (we have the full police reports from Chris Brown’s attack) but a lot of it was a long time ago, and isn’t right, but we have evolved as humans and society, and the same stuff that was okay back then is NOT okay now; if it was there would still be slavery, and women still couldn’t vote. Don’t you dare pull the “well these artists did it too” card, because it was not okay when they didn’t either. Unfortunately for you, we are not talking about them now. The subject at hand is Chris Brown and Rihanna. Also with them we are talking about public’s forgiveness and not the decision for a major industry award show to let them perform again.

    If you are still trying to find justifications and rationalizations why we should forgive Chris Brown’s attack, then you are an enabler, and one of the most major problems with modern society.

    Just imagine it was your sister, daughter, or mother than this happened to, and then maybe you would think differently.

    • February 19, 2012 6:30 PM

      Thank You for Your response.
      I have to correct you on one issue 1st and foremost. The Rodney Adkins issues happened in 2012, not a long time ago (as if that would make any difference). I do take issue with Miranda’s statements because there are many more Country artist with this history, and far more with recent history of domestic violence. There is no justification for Chris Brown’s assault on Rhianna, as I stated in the piece, but don’t ignore artist with similar if not worse history than Chris Brown, just because they are Miranda’s musical peers and/or heroes…. No enabling here, just stating facts, and sadly…. these are the facts. BTW, I have 3 sisters, a mother, and a daughter, and yes I have considered this issue from many perspectives. They however feel as I do, that Miranda Lambert is ignoring the vast array of abusers across the music industry,just to focus on the one person she does not like. Let’s address them all, not just the ones you have disdain for.

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