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Racist White Teen Girls Goes On A Rant About Blacks, Then the shit hits the fan!

February 23, 2012

What do two teens and a webcam equal?  A recipe for disaster if you are making racist rants to be broadcasted over the internet.  Two teenage girls made the ultimate mistake by recording an outwardly racist rant about Black people, that ended up going viral on YouTube.  And there is where their fortunes changed. They have now been epelled from school, have been receiving death threats, and require 24 hour police protection, and They are in hiding.  Who said YouTube wasn’t good for anything. writes…..

If they haven’t seen it already, an emergency faculty meeting this morning at Gainesville High School has made all teachers aware of a controversial YouTube video made by two of their students.  Eight Gainesville police officers were brought to the GHS campus on Thursday, as concerns were raised over student safety after the 14-minute YouTube video went viral the day before.

The video shows two GHS girls ranting about African Americans GHS Principal David Shelnutt says the video was first brought to his attention on Wednesday during lunch time.  Shelnutt wouldn’t comment on disciplinary actions taken, but says the two girls are leaving Gainesville High, and are no longer students there.

“There’s no place for comments like that- that video here at GHS, there’s no place for that in the Alachua County Public School System, and my opinion, no place for that in society in general,” he said.  According to reports not confirmed by the school, the girls withdrew from GHS and are now being home schooled.


1st Original Video

2nd Original Video

One girl’s Apology……..

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  1. February 24, 2012 6:43 AM

    I always love the, “I’m really not racists, and I didn’t expect people to, like, get so ANGRY at us!” rap that people–like these two–lay out there once they’ve been busted for being idiots. Here’s a tip: you don’t want people to know how ugly you are, don’t record it and then upload it to YouTube. It will get seen.


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