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San Angeloan Shea Morenz implicated in Goldman Sachs/StratCap Corporate Espionage in newest Wikileaks release (w/video) {updated}

February 28, 2012

Wikileaks has released 5.5 million emails obtained by The Hacktivist Collective “Anonymous” in December 2011 from the servers of Stratfor, a private intelligence gathering agency some call “The Shadow CIA” headquartered in Austin Texas. What is noteworthy about this information release is that it contains the name of someone very familiar to resident’s of San Angelo, Texas. Former San Angelo Central High School athletic great Shea Morenz, who seems to play an integral part in many of the documents.

Morenz, stood out in 2 sports, Football and Baseball, having played starting Quarterback at both San Angelo Central High School and The University of Texas. He had opportunities to play in both the NFL and MLB, but opted for Baseball, and was drafted by The New York Yankees in 1995.

Wikileaks claims that the emails released on Monday reveal the creation of a parallel organization between Goldman-Sachs and Stratfor called StratCap.  StratCap would use the Stratfor network of informants  to make money in financial markets through corporate espionage. Wikileaks also claims that the emails show how then-Goldman Sachs Managing Director Shea Morenz and Stratfor CEO George Friedman put StratCap in motion in 2009. The Wikileaks release can be found here.

From The Wikileaks Global Intelligence Files……..

Stratfor’s use of insiders for intelligence soon turned into a money-making scheme of questionable legality. The emails show that in 2009 then-Goldman Sachs Managing Director Shea Morenz and Stratfor CEO George Friedman hatched an idea to “utilise the intelligence” it was pulling in from its insider network to start up a captive strategic investment fund. CEO George Friedman explained in a confidential August 2011 document, marked DO NOT SHARE OR DISCUSS : “What StratCap will do is use our Stratfor’s intelligence and analysis to trade in a range of geopolitical instruments, particularly government bonds, currencies and the like”. The emails show that in 2011 Goldman Sach’s Morenz invested “substantially” more than $4million and joined Stratfor’s board of directors. Throughout 2011, a complex offshore share structure extending as far as South Africa was erected, designed to make StratCap appear to be legally independent. But, confidentially, Friedman told StratFor staff : “Do not think of StratCap as an outside organisation. It will be integral… It will be useful to you if, for the sake of convenience, you think of it as another aspect of Stratfor and Shea as another executive in Stratfor… we are already working on mock portfolios and trades”. StratCap is due to launch in 2012. 

Democracy Now writes…….

The whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks has begun publishing what it says are 5.5 million emails obtained from the servers of Stratfor, a private U.S.-based intelligence-gathering firm known to some as a “shadow CIA” for corporations and government agencies. The emails were reportedly obtained by the hackers group, Anonymous.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said the files implicate some of the world’s largest firms in corporate espionage. Firms with ties to Stratfor include Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemical, and sectors of the U.S. government — including the Department of Homeland Security, the Marines Corps and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Coke asked Stratfor to keep tabs on the protest plans of the group, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. “We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stories. It will come out in the next coming days and weeks,” said Kristinn Hrafnsson, a WikiLeaks spokesperson who has been a key member of the project to release the Stratfor emails. “What we were doing yesterday was introducing the project: The nature of Stratfor and how they operate, and their ties.”

George Friedman responds to Email Theft and the Wikileaks Release

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