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January 21, 2013

Not again…. will these conpspiracy theorist never stop?
Or are they really saying, we value our guns more than we value our children?
Let’s work together to solve this issue, rather than making far fetched excuses and accusations in an effort to ignore it.


January 21, 2013 – Those lying “Truthers” and their Sandy Hook conspiracy video are slowly falling apart as experts begin to debunk their lies. Some of you people are so hell bent on keeping this hoax going that you couldn’t see the truth with facts if they bitch slapped you back into reality.

The hoax video, as you all know contains photographs of Emilie Parker’s two sisters. Except the video will lead you morons to believe one of the girls is actually Emilie Parker.  Some of you have made absolute asses of yourselves with some of the most outrageous, idiotic explanations on why Emilie is seen in the photographs with Obama. Everything from her parted hair, deformed fingers, missing legs, and fake parents photoshoped into the photos. I guess I get to keep my $20,000 after all. Of course none of the truth means anything to those people. You have…

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