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The Value of Veterans’ Service Back Home

June 26, 2013


Joe Klein’scover story,How Service Can Save Us in last week’s Time, identifies several critical issues that must be further explored and better understood if we are to more successfully engage and support the men, women, and families who serve our country.

First and foremost, not all who come home from war are suffering from post-traumatic stress. Indeed, although some reports indicate that as many as one-third of all of those exposed to combat will experience significant mental health symptoms, this suggests that two-thirds will not.

This does not, however, mean that the two-thirds who are not “diagnosable” are unaffected by their experience of war.

They most certainly are.

In addition, post-traumatic stress exists on a continuum. Not all veterans with PTS exhibit the same symptoms or are affected to the same degree. Just because someone is suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, or a traumatic brain injury…

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