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Another Paula Deen accuser… well maybe… but this one just doesn’t ring true

July 27, 2013

What more can we say about Paula Deen?  Remember she told us she “Is What I Is”.  Despite that curious revelation, we must still weigh every accusation against her as we contemplate as a society, how and when we will come to terms with the err of her ways.  Recently, yet another accuser has come forth with regards to Paula Deen.  You bee the judge on this one…

“A month after disgraced celebrity chef Paula Deen lost her food empire over allegations of racism, another employee and former friend — her self-identified soul sister, in fact — is speaking out against Deen.

Dora Charles, who at 59 lives in the outskirts of Savannah in her trailer home, was Deen’s cooking partner at restaurant Lady & Sons for more than two decades.”*

Dora Charles, Paula Deen’s so-called “soul sister” and employee of over 20 years is charging Deen with more charges of treating her unfairly because of her race. Are Charles’ claims legitimate concerns, or is the argument not really fair? -TYT

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