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Texas Female DPS Officer Charged with Sexual Assault from a Traffic Stop

August 6, 2013

“A pair of videos posted online show police probing the genitals and anal regions of three women they claim to suspect of possessing marijuana. In one video, a woman is seen bent over and grimacing as an off camera police officer conducts the search. Shortly before this search, a male officer explains to the woman that he is calling a female officer over “because I ain’t about to get up close and personal with your woman areas.”*

Texas police officers have been fired after footage surfaced of women getting cavity searched after being pulled over for speeding and littering. Did the officers really think the women were hiding marijuana in their privates and anal cavities? (TYT)

A Separate incident is detailed after the videos.

Two bikini-clad women sue after they were subjected to body cavity search on the side of Texas highway
Brandy Hamilton, 26, and Alexandria Randle, 24, say their civil rights were violated by the invasive search
Texas Department of Public Safety trooper ordered the body cavity search because he smelled marijuana and allegedly found the end of a blunt
The women say that the female trooper used the same glove to search inside both of them.Disturbing video shows two women in bikinis being subjected to body cavity searches on the side of a Texas highway after they were stopped returning from a weekend at the beach.
Brandy Hamilton, 26, and Alexandria Randle, 24, are suing the Texas Department of Public Safety and the sheriff of Brazoria County, Texas, where the stop occurred. Their lawyer alleges that the search was meant to humiliate them and was conducted without probable cause.
The female officer who performed the invasive search, which included sticking a finger in the women’s vaginas, is accused of using the same pair of gloves to search both women. The entire 40-minute traffic stop was caught on the trooper’s dashboard camera.
Attorney Allie R. Booker told MailOnline her client’s case is startling similar to a July 2012 case in Dallas in which DPS trooper Kelly Helleson aggressively searched Angel Dobbs and her niece, Ashley Dobbs – including giving them a body cavity search and not changing gloves between searching the two women.



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