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GPS Bullets Could End Car Chases for Good

November 15, 2013


It’s illegal for police to attach a GPS unit to your car without a warrant, as the U.S. Supreme Court settled in 2012. But that only applies to investigations – if the cops are in hot pursuit of a bank robber or other escaping criminal that threatens public safety, a GPS tracker is fair game. But exactly how can cops GPS track a vehicle that’s already in motion?

The answer to that question comes from StarChase, a new police technology being utilized by a small-but-growing number of law enforcement agencies. It allows cops to fire 4.5-inch glue-covered GPS bullet-like projectiles from an airgun mounted in the grille of their police cruisers. If the GPS tracker makes contact with the escaping crook’s car, it’ll stick no matter how fast the vehicle is going. That way, police dispatchers will have a constant read on the car’s location and heading.

Aside from simply…

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