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NOW George Zimmerman Is Ordered Not To Posses Weapons

November 19, 2013



The news now surrounding George Zimmerman would be merely unsettling if we already did not know his actions had proved deadly.

George Zimmerman’s bail was set today at $9,000 for charges stemming from an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend.   Zimmerman, other than being a gunslinger is also clearly a family man.

Zimmerman was charged with felony aggravated assault and two misdemeanors after allegations that he pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend in Apopka, Florida.

A Seminole County judge also added conditions to Zimmerman’s bail which are that he not return to two Florida addresses, except for one time with law officers present to retrieve his belongings.  He cannot have contact with the accuser and must wear a monitoring device.

The other condition added by the judge is that Zimmerman cannot possess weapons.  Well, thankfully someone with authority can finally see the real danger that surrounds this man with a criminal mentality.

Zimmerman was acquitted four months ago in the shooting murder of…

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